Monday, July 22, 2013

Coming to Christ in Cajazeiras

           When I last traveled to Cajazeiras, I was talking to Café, the evangelist, when a 16 year old girl came up to him and said she was ready.  She had decided to be baptized.  Café had been studying the Bible with her for some weeks and she came to the realization that she was dead without Christ.  Café was happy and told her that was great and then looked at me and said, “You baptize her.”  I looked at Café strangely and said, “But I don't even know her.”  I asked what her name was and he told me it was Michele and that she was 16.

I agreed but reluctantly.  I am of the opinion that if you baptize someone you should take care of them and help them mature.  That was why I was reluctant but I went ahead and baptized her.  Michele is the first girl that is not one of Café's four daughters to be baptized in Cajazeiras.  Not the first female but the first girl.  She has not participated in the Passo Certo soccer program (The Right Step Program) but is a friend of someone in the program.
          Since my last trip to Cajazeiras at the beginning of June, two more people have been baptized.  Their names are Victor, he is 13 and is a part of the Right Step program and Juliano, 38 and father of 3 children who do not participate in the Right Step program.  He is very evangelistic and is eager to get to work, telling others about Christ. Please pray for all of the new babes in Christ, that they may be faithful until death.       
                                                                                   Jeremy Newlin

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