Monday, May 27, 2013

The Great Plain

       A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Campina Grande, this time to visit the church and spend time with the supported workers, as well as with Raianne and Rayssa.  Adeliton, Ayane, my AME travel companions for the next two months, and I stayed with Danny and Lee Bratcher. What wonderful hosts they were! Danny and I grew up in the same congregation at Joelton, TN, so we always have a good time together.
        Júnior and Kátia came over to visit with us on Friday night. Júnior was going to travel to another city in Pernambuco to teach and visit with the church in that state. They used to travel with me quite often before becoming missionaries to Campina Grande. It was great to sit and visit with them and talk about past travels and dreams for the future of the church, as well as present needs and plans.
           Saturday, we went to visit Isac and Solange, who also work with the church in Campina Grande. We talked about plans for the church in Campina Grande, vision for the church and support for workers. These are all men and women to be honored for their dedication and sacrifices made for the growth of the Kingdom. It is a joy to be around all of them. That afternoon we picked up Raianne and Rayssa went back to Danny and Lee's house to spend the afternoon and night playing games and talking. I took the girls home around 10 p.m. and it is a deserted and dark place where they live. I can see why they are a little scared, although they don't show it.
            Sunday morning I went and picked the girls up and took them back to Danny and Lee's house where we spent the day together. Lee made some marvelous meals and peach cobbler. Thank you, Sara, for teaching her how to make it. You taught her well. That night we met with the church; there were a number of visitors, and only a couple of empty chairs in the whole place.

Please pray:

  • That God will protect Raianne and Rayssa from harm and that their faith in God may grow each day.
  • The church in Campina Grande may continue to dream and work to reach the dreams as they are in line with God's.
  • God may open the hearts of people in Campina Grande, which is in desperate need of His Word.

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