Monday, May 27, 2013

Sowing The Seed In A Different Way

A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Cubati, Areial, and Campina Grande. I spent most of my time in Cubati, where there are four members of the church. I talked about vision, the mission of the church, and prayer with the couple (Afonso and Vânia) that live in this city. The other two members of the church were weak in their faith; I say "were" because I talked with them and I think they were strengthened with my visit, but it seems to be a recurring theme for them.
            Afonso and Vânia pray for their city, but it seems that no one listens to the Gospel. There are many denominations, and the Catholic Church is also present, but these are not the greatest problem for this city of 6,000 inhabitants. This is a city full of immorality. Perhaps it is more evident because of the small population or maybe it is just really immoral. I won't go into details right now. Afonso was telling me of how they are talking to people in the city about Jesus, but no one has come to meet with them. One interesting fact he shared with me is that most of the denominations in Cubati now take the Lord Supper every Sunday because "Afonso's church," as they call it, is doing so. They don't say that out loud, but the reason is so that they do not lose any members. The denominations also started doing some other things because Afonso teaches it.  So with that insight I encouraged both Afonso and Vânia to continue teaching and to not be discouraged by numbers because God is working.  Who knows, maybe the denominations in Cubati as a whole will begin to obey the Gospel truth.  They may not see immediate results in numbers at their church meetings, but God's Word will be working to transform the lives of many and an entire city, wallowing in immorality.

If you have any thoughts on this article, I would love to hear them.

I ask for your prayers for the city of Cubati and the spreading of God's Word.

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