Thursday, April 4, 2013

Taking Men To Ephesus

I traveled to Campina Grande on Sunday afternoon with four other men from the congregation in Luna. My hope: to spend time with these men and get to know them better, begin to broaden their vision of the work that needs to be done and can be done by them, and challenge them to look at their home congregation to see what they can do to help God's kingdom grow.
I believe this threefold mission was accomplished. I know it may sound boring, reading about such a thing, but I guarantee you that this small baby step is anything but boring. Some years back Ricardo Sobral and I began training members of the congregation in Luna (now the main congregation in João Pessoa, at that time the only congregation). They had classes on most Saturdays; on the other weekends, I would take some with me on trips to visit and care for other congregations. Years have passed. One of the couples we went to visit in Campina Grande was one of the couples that traveled the most with me. I am not saying that they became missionaries because they traveled with me, but it did open their eyes to see, think and pray about the needs of those without Christ. The little things we do, God uses too, taking the weeds and rocks out of the gardens of our hearts so that His seed may produce fruit.
The congregation in Campina Grande has just rented a building, and they are excited. One person has been baptized this year. Before they rented the building, they were meeting in Júnior and Kátia's house. Those who live around the church building are curious. With our prayers and the teams work some, if not all, of these families will be saved.

Please pray:

  • That God may continue to give wisdom, energy, and health to the missionaries in Campina Grande: Júnior and Kátia, Isac and Solange and Danny and Lee.
  • That God may go before the team into the homes and hearts of those who live around the church building.
  • God may give increase to their efforts to evangelize the second largest city in Paraíba and what is, in many respects, the Ephesus of Paraíba.

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