Monday, March 4, 2013

We're Back!

    It wasn't planned, but four missionary families returned to Brazil on the same day, on the same flight: the Newlins, the Palks, the Hagewoods, and my family. There was talk of having a Gospel meeting in the sky or even hijacking the plane to heaven, but since we boarded at 11pm after a full day of traveling to Miami, we sort of conked out.

    Our stay in the good ole United States of America was refreshing (especially getting away from Brazil's tropical summer), renewing ties, reporting on the work, some of us traveling all the way from Georgia to Arizona, spending time with friends and family, hopefully encouraging everyone we made contact with to love the lost and continue to invest in missions, and being encouraged by seeing the Father working in your lives. We didn't get to see everybody we wanted to, but we ask God to take care of you until we meet again.
    We have been here a little under a month, but it seems like six months with getting the kids started in school, getting our houses in order after two months away, taking a car to the shop, Carnaval week, Campina Grande campaign, trips to the interior, baptisms in Paraiba, starting up Bible studies, preparing AME courses, etc. Jeremy Newlin and I write our mission updates, but this is the first day we have had time together.
    As we all continue working for Jesus and waiting for eternal results, please renew your commitment to pray for the lost and the church in Paraiba, Brazil, that the former will shrink as the latter grows. We praise God for what Christ is doing in your lives, where you are, living for Him in your home, work, and neighborhood. How a child's song captures a deep truth: "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine." Count on our prayers as you let Jesus' light shine! 

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