Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Plan Moves On

While in Patos teaching, I met with the workers from Belém, Patos, Emas, and Caatingueira. We discussed how they are doing in their efforts to train other men to replace what they do so that they will be able to travel, evangelize, and maybe even move to another city to establish a new congregation. Their goal for this meeting was to have someone trained to organize and guide the worship service and also be able to teach. They all met this goal and seemed excited about things going on in their congregations.
We discussed our overall goal which continues to be to establish a congregation in Pombal, a city an hour's drive from Patos. We also set new goals to be accomplished before the next meeting: train one more person to do the same as the one just prepared, train the one you just prepared to train someone else, and train a woman to be able to study, disciple, and mature other women. There is a lot to be done.

Please pray that:

  • These men of God will continue to be dedicated and safe from sin.
  • We may reach the goals set and have more men and women prepared to work in the harvest.
  • God may open doors for us to evangelize and establish His church in the city of Pombal.

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