Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sometimes the Seed Takes a While to Grow

I first went to Alagoinha around the year 2001, because someone with whom I was studying the Bible insisted I go tell his in-laws. I went and taught many times (maybe for a year) and then stopped going for a time because no one seemed interested in following Jesus. After a year or so, I kept getting calls that someone wanted to begin the church in this city. I went along with Ricardo and talked with Antônio Germano. He had been baptized biblically so he began a meeting in his garage, and the church grew.
After some time many of the members left for different reasons, most of which were personal problems that they could not (or should I say did not want to?) resolve. The church, though, is still meeting in a rented house close to the center of the small city.
Last night, I saw for the first time the in-laws of Rodrigo, the one that insisted I go and teach. Almost the entire family is now excited about studying the Bible and asked me to come back and study with them. Twelve years later and the seed is showing signs of growing roots. One sad fact to add is that Rodrigo died in a car wreck in 2001 and never became a Christian. His life may have led others to Christ, but he himself was not willing to give up his own life to Christ.

Please pray that:
  • the church in Alagoinha will grow spiritually and numerically
  • this family with whom I have renewed ties will allow the seed to produce fruit for God's Kingdom.
  • God may open the hearts of the people in Alagoinha to hear and believe in His Word.

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