Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fruits In The Workplace

Think of coming out of a freezer and walking into an oven. That is close to what I felt when I arrived in Brazil after spending 2 ½ months in the States. I know it was not all that cold this past winter, but I still felt the difference. Thank you, God, for giving us winter, spring, and then summer. Jumping from winter to summer is a shock.
Well, after a couple of weeks back I traveled to Patos with Elias who is one of our full-time workers and coordinates the SEARA (Servants Sent to Announce the Kingdom of Love – I know the acronym doesn't match but it does in Portuguese). He taught 1 & 2 Peter and Judas, and I taught on the book of James. It was nice to hear someone else teach, and he did a great job. Elias is leaving us to work with a church in the South of Brazil. He will be greatly missed. I am now coordinating SEARA courses and classes in Patos.
While we were in Patos, we were told of two baptisms just a couple of weeks before. We also had the privilege of witnessing another couple give their lives to Christ. They live about 7 miles from the city but the husband works in Patos at a grocery store. Cicero, a member of the church, works at the same store. Both couples baptized this year in Patos are fruit of Cicero's never-ending desire to tell others about Christ at his workplace. What a great example for the church and for all of us. With patience, perseverance, and love, the seeds that are being planted will grow and produce fruit.

Please pray for:
  • Anderson and Patricia, Nino and his wife, Isliâne, as they are beginning their walk with Christ.
  • Cicero, that God may continue to bless him with courage and opportunities to tell others about Christ.

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