Thursday, March 14, 2013

Feira De Santana

I traveled to Feira de Santana, which is in the state of Bahia. It would have been about an 11 hour drive non-stop by car. I took a plane, which was cheaper anyways, a two hour flight and then a two hour ride from the airport. I went to teach on "The Mission of the Church". I had read a book called: The Mission of God's People by Christopher Wright and decided to base the direction of the class on chapters from his book. The church in Feira de Santana began about four years ago and now has around 40 members. I taught for about 14 hours on this subject and also on contentment as a way of life for Christians.
I was greatly encouraged by their love for God and their desire to see God's kingdom grow. Most are young in their faith and still have questions about the Christian life. We read a lot from 1 Peter and saw that we will eventually suffer if we are perseverant in doing God's will. We talked a lot about being a blessing for others and continuing to fulfill God's promise to Abraham to bless all nations. We also talked about God fulfilling His promise through Christ but that it does not stop there, we must live so that others may see Christ in us and come to know our God, the one, true, living God. We discussed how debt for superficial things is a sign of discontentment with what God has given us to manage for him. So then, to be able to bless others, living on what you make is important, if you want to be a blessing.
There is too much to talk about in this short article, but I hope that what was said may encourage you to keep moving forward in your walk with Christ. I know that I was encouraged by our brothers' and sisters' faith and desire to know God forever more.

Please pray that:

  • the church in Feira de Santana will continue to grow in faith and maturity;
  • the church in ParaĆ­ba will grow in the same way;
  • God may give His church wisdom and vision to win, catch, and capture souls for Christ, our Savior.

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