Friday, December 28, 2012

A Year To Remember, A Day To Live!

When you look back on the year 2012, what stands out to you?  In what ways have you grown?  In what ways have you seen setbacks?  If you could change anything that was done or said, what would it be?  Is there anyone who needs to forgive you or you need to forgive?  Was there a hug you wanted to give and now cannot?  Is there an "I love you" that you can no longer hear from someone you wish you could?  A lot of things happen in a day much more in 365 of them.  There are many things I wish I would have done differently this year.  I thank God that He gave us more than one day this year, we need time to learn and grow.  
This year is almost gone and many are looking forward to a brand new year, planning and dreaming.  Plans and dreams are good and necessary but let's not forget that both are reached one day at a time.  Live everyday seeking God's Kingdom first and you will live a life without regrets.  

God bless you all and your families,

The mission team in João Pessoa - Brazil

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