Monday, November 5, 2012

Industrial District Mustard Seed

On the outskirts of João Pessoa is the Industrial District, which began as a group of factories, but now has large residential areas. Francinaldo and Ivani, faithful workers for the Kingdom, bought a house there. Now they are one more step closer to realizing their dream (God’s dream too) of starting a congregation in this neighbor: Carlos and Girlene were baptized. They are a couple who visited the church a while back. They studied the Bible and found out what needed to be done. They had some hard decisions, like separating until they could get legally married. And when Girlene said she was ready to be baptized, we took her to the beach. Carlos surprised all there and said he was ready too. It poured down rain so by the end everybody was soaked but praising God for this new Christian couple.
            Their schedules are a little hard to work around. They both work in factories; he, the night shift, and both have to work some Sundays, but none of this dampens the joy they are experiencing about being in Christ.
            Carlos, along with some of his co-workers, while others jeer, has a 1 am devotional at the factory. I have been giving them the Spiritual Milk studies along with Francinaldo and can attest to their thirst.
            Francinaldo came excitedly to me with a prayer request. He met another family in the same neighborhood who wants to study the Bible. Please pray for Ana Cristina and her family. They visited the church meeting this past Sunday for the first time. The mustard seed grows…

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