Monday, October 8, 2012

Monica Is Back

Monica traveled to São Paulo and spent a week in a retreat for missionary wives of South America.   She came back refreshed, relaxed, renewed, rejuvenated and reminded of the important things in life.  The event was sponsored and organized by a group of women from CCC (Continent Care Connection).   The women only needed to buy their plane ticket to get to the São Paulo airport, the rest was taken cared for by this wonderful group of women. 

The women received Bible classes, counseling sessions, moments of silence, solitude and prayer, relaxing massages, and of course a lot of conversation and sharing. 

Meanwhile, I was left all alone with my sons.  We had fun and were very busy.  Monica left us well stocked with food; all I needed to do was make some rice.  We had some late nights and we sort of camped-in, in the living room.  We were all glad to see her come home safely and very glad she was able to have some well deserved time to herself, with God and some God-fearing servants.

Thank you, CCC women. 

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