Monday, October 8, 2012


    The elections in the U.S. are just around the corner.  Here in Brazil they are already going strong.  Yesterday was Election Day.  All Brazilians have to vote or justify to a public official at a voting center why they cannot vote in their registered district.  If the person does neither of the above he/she must pay a fine, a small insignificant amount but it must be done for you to receive your salary if you work for the government, if you want to try to get a job or a passport.  Sounds like a big deal doesn't it?  There are so many candidates from so many different parties that they have two elections when necessary.  If a candidate does not win by 50% or more on the first day then there is a second election day at the end of the month between the top two candidates.  That vote is also mandatory. 
    So why am I telling you this?  To remind us all to pray that God will use whoever He chooses to put in office to accomplish His will.  Our King chose us, let's trust in Him.

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