Monday, October 29, 2012

Buying Votes

   We want to thank everybody who watched the video our kids made for the Supera competition. Our video came in 6th place with over 2300 views. We had fun making it and getting people to watch it.
    Toward the end of the contest, the boys lost interest when it became apparent that others were buying views for their videos, first place had over 20000 views, sometimes jumping 10000 in one day.

    Yesterday was the second round of elections for mayors. This is what some streets look like after the election, trashed with propaganda.
    Voting is mandatory, but if it weren’t, most people I’ve talked to wouldn’t go. I guess years of corruption and the flagrant buying of votes have made voters lose interest.
    Let us pray that God will use the political situation in Brazil, whether corrupt or cleaned up, to best further His Kingdom so that more people will end this race of life with the prize.

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