Monday, October 1, 2012

A Little Taste of Heaven

            This past weekend, instead of me traveling to Cubati, Afonso and Vânia came to João Pessoa and brought with them two young boys, Tuan (age 16) and Moisés (age 14).  Both Afonso and Vânia have been investing their time and energy into these two young boys with hopes that they will one day give their lives to Christ and be God's light to others. 

            The guys spent time together playing, talking and eating, not always in that order, with the hopes of forging a deeper friendship and sharing more of Christ with Tuan and Moises.  Monica took Vânia to a women's meeting.  I don't know what they talked about but I am sure that a lack of words was not an issue.  But hey, how can anyone keep silent after walking with Christ? 

            After returning to Cubati, Afonso called and said how much Tuan and Moises enjoyed their time with my family and the church in João Pessoa.  Praise be to God.

Please pray:
  • That Tuan and Moises will continue to study and put their faith in God's Word and that their faith may produce fruit;
  • For Afonso and Vânia and their efforts to spread the message among a town that is full of immorality;
  • That the church in Cubati may make a difference in Cubati and that God's name may be glorified through their good works.

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