Thursday, September 20, 2012

When the going gets tough...

            I traveled to Cubati the end of July to continue visiting and teaching a correspondence course begun in June.  I am visiting once a month to keep up with contacts and trying to create new ones.  This visit the number of people continuing the course dropped from 13 to 6, but the remnant is excited about learning more. 
         Afonso and I also visited a nearby family in another city, and a door opened up for me to teach a finance class, in which I hope to lead them from earthly treasures to the true treasures of heaven. 
         Afonso and I traveled to Patos, a two hour trip, to have a meeting with the Brazilian evangelists in Patos, Emas and Belém to discuss the plans for establishing a congregation in Pombal.  The meeting was encouraging because I believe they began to see the vision that I am wanting to pass on to them so that they can carry-on the work by themselves when I am gone.
Please pray for:

  •    Afonso, Vânia, Bila and Jandira in Cubati.
  •  Those studying the Bible in Cubati
  • Those who will be studying finances, that they may make the jump to heavenly treasures.

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