Monday, September 24, 2012

The Coming of Jesus

    We have been in contact with Roseli for years, ever since there was a weekly neighborhood Bible study at Irene’s, taught by Hunter and Jeremy. Since then a lot of water has gone under the bridge, including her husband leaving her and other crises of life. And all that she has been through has brought her to seek Jesus and to meet with the congregation at Irene’s house.
    Irene and I studied the Bible her and could see more and more that she is placing her faith in Jesus and her hope in the things above. The only thing she lacked was baptism, which, she would say, is a very serious step. But when it became obvious that baptism in her mind was so serious that she wasn’t getting any closer to making the decision, I asked her, “What would happen if Jesus came back tonight?”
    That question shocked her into thinking that the return of Christ is a reality to contend with someday, but that baptism is the yielding to Jesus and bringing Him into her life now. She decided she couldn’t wait any longer. We were all at camp, so we went down to the stream that crosses the property, God's family standing on the slanted shore, singing praises, encouraging Roseli with words and hugs. She confessed Christ before all, and we waded into the brown waters to a spot where the sunlight shone down on us through the trees,  and right then Christ came to Roseli, making her into a new creation.

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