Monday, September 24, 2012

Quality Time in Alagoinha

            On a bright and shiny Sunday morning, I traveled to Alagoinha with the hopes of encountering the bright young man who had shown interest in wanting to know God and being used by Him to help the church grow. 
            I did find him but not as motivated as I would have hoped.  I tried to set up a time to study with him before arriving but was unable to do so.  When I arrived I asked to study with him and his first response was no: he did not have time because he is involved in campaigning for a politician in his city.  (This year there are elections for mayor and city council members.)  After sometime, he came to Antônio's door (the man with whom I usually stay when in town).  We sat and talked, studied and prayed together.  He is hungry for more, but I cannot be there all the time, and in between my visits I fear he may lose some of his fire.

            I know that I am not the one in whom he should put his hope, and I do not pretend to be, but he needs someone to walk alongside him and to tell him about Jesus, the man that I have come to know over the years.

Please pray:
  • That God may give me wisdom and discernment to see who He is raising up to travel and train in the state of Paraíba;
  • That God may raise up servants who are seeking to train and teach others;
  •  For the church in Alagoinha, a small congregation that is having a hard time growing spiritually as well as numerically.

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