Thursday, September 20, 2012

AME - The Beginning

            Raniere Menezes has initiated AME (Evangelistic Adventures in Missions), an AIM-like program for Brazilians that encourages young people to get involved in missions. He traveled to Cubati along with 18 others, including 14 young people, ages 12 and up, who spent two Saturdays training for this campaign, even handing out pamphlets at the stop lights on one of the busiest intersections in João Pessoa.  In Cubati we handed out invitations, close to 300, on Saturday morning and had games with spiritual lessons during the afternoon and night.  About 25 young people showed up for the games. 
            Sunday with 18 visitors present, I taught the Sunday School class on David and Goliath  and then preached on Jesus and Satan in the sermon showing that both David and Jesus knew who they were and who was fighting their battle.  Because of this knowledge, or should I say faith, they were used by God the Father to defeat both of their enemies.  I related this message to the young people by showing them that we, too, are in a battle and, we are deciding in whom we believe by the small and large decisions we make in our everyday lives.  These decisions then define who we are and in whom we have placed our faith.  Only one side is victorious, and we already know who it will be. 
Please pray for these young people, both from João Pessoa, as well as, Cubati:
  • That God may become real to them, that they may believe that He really does exist
  • That they may understand that God has won and has invited us to be on His side
  • That they may have the faith in God to live out His will in their lives.

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