Monday, August 20, 2012

It Is Easy to Plan for Success When You Already Know the Ending

From Cubati I traveled to Patos for a meeting with evangelists from Emas, Patos, and Belem about their plans for establishing a congregation in Pombal.  I am helping them learn how to better plan and execute those plans, as well as, instilling in them a vision to work together as one body and to look outside of their own city for the growth of the Kingdom.  

            There were other congregations present, but the focus was on these three.  The steps established at this meeting to be accomplished until the next meeting were to pick three members from their congregations to train, then, begin visiting, teaching and testing them to see their growth.  Tests are not written but practical: Bible studies given, visits made, etc. and then help these members grow in their needs.  Once the training of these members begins then we can start thinking about moving on to the next step, reaching outside their city, starting new congregations, seeing God's victory firsthand, the perfect ending.

  • Please pray for Luciano, Givanildo, Santo, Marcelo and Silvan. 
  • Please ask God to give them wisdom and patience to help other Christians grow in their faith and love for God and others.
  • Please pray that God will guide them to people who are seeking the Truth in His Word.

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