Monday, July 23, 2012

Home Studies and Correspondence Courses

            Last month I spent time with the mission team in Campina Grande, my objective was to encourage them to keep on going and growing, tag along for visits and Bible studies and teach.  I was able to accomplish all of these objectives and the team also greatly encouraged me, as well. 
            They have started a small group in Isac's house and are inviting people to come and visiting those who do.  They seem really excited about the initial results and want to grow this group to a size where they can multiply it into another group in another person's house. 

    We visited contacts they have in other neighborhoods.  One that really impressed me was Carlos.  He has been faithfully married for 35 years and seems to understand the importance of living what you preach.  He is not a Christian, yet, but is really an exciting person to be around and is seeking to help the church in Campina Grande grow in his neighborhood.  He wants to help the team find a place to meet as the church in his neighborhood.  The team is thinking about whether it will be possible or not.

    We also had a couples meeting that was very well planned and carried out by the team.  They planned fun activities and a moment to meditate on God's Word for the couples.  There were some 15 couples, out of which, 11 were not Christians and it was the first time at least two couples had been to a church event. 
    During my trip to Campina Grande, I also went to Cubati, which is about 1 hour away.  I was invited by Afonso and Vânia, two Christians in the city, to introduce and teach the first of five lessons from a correspondence course.  There were 14 present to receive and take the course.  Afonso and Vânia will be doing the visiting and answering of questions for those doing the course.  I will be visiting once-a-month to follow-up and teach one lesson of the course to take them a little deeper into the Word and answer any other questions they might have. 

    Afonso, Vânia and the other two members of the church in Cubati are very excited about what is happening in their city for God. 

  • Please pray for Campina Grande, the people in the city who do not know God and the mission team trying to take God to the people. 
  • Please pray for those who received the correspondence course in Cubati, that they may have perseverance to continue studying God's Word and grow in understanding of God's Will so that their love for God may be greater than their desire to please their carnal desires.

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