Monday, June 4, 2012

From Sodom to Ephesus

            I traveled to Cubati and spent three nights and one morning teaching the church about: the Lord's Supper, Fasting, Baptism, the Church.  A total of four visitors showed up to hear the classes.  They seemed to understand but later I heard one of the Christians wanted to hear about fasting again.  Overall, I think the time was well spent and on another visit I will be able to better help.  Please pray for this city which is kind of what I would imagine being a modern day Sodom, because of rampant drug use, prostitution, and Friday night gay night.

            I received a call from Afonso and Vânia before sending out this article.  They are very excited and have begun visiting people and offering for them to study the Bible through a correspondence course.  There are around 60 people interested.  I will be traveling to Campina Grande on June 14th, and staying through the 17th.  I will head off to give the correspondence courses to those excited about studying in Cubati.  I will also give an introduction to the course and set-up dates to go back and visit once a month to answer any questions and take them a little deeper in their studies.  Please pray for the church and their excitement and efforts to evangelize this sinful city.

            After the church service in Cubati, Afonso, Vânia and I traveled to Areial.  You may remember that there are only three Christian women in this town and they have a program on the radio.  We participated on the program and had cake and juice for our celebration of three people who finished a correspondence course and received certificates.  There are five more who are studying.  Please pray for this congregation and its efforts to evangelize this small town.

            After Areial, I headed off to Campina Grande, a city that reminds me of what I would imagine Ephesus being.  It is the gateway to Paraíba.  To travel through the state of Paraíba you most likely will pass through Campina Grande.  I went to visit and meet with the church and to share a spiritual blessing.  There were around 25 people present at the church meeting.  I was encouraged and uplifted.  Please pray that God may open up the hearts of these visitors and others with which they may come in contact.

Please pray:

  • that God will open doors and hearts
  • that the Christians will speak boldly and truthfully about God's Word
  • that the church may grow spiritually, as well as, numerically

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