Monday, June 4, 2012

Family Day

            I was invited to spend the day and speak in Emas and Catingueira, I'm sure you've been there before, at their Family Day.  Catingueira is about 6 miles from Emas.  Both congregations have about 10 members each.  We spent the day in a house just outside of Emas, the owner, who is not a Christian, was there the whole time but did not participate in any of the church's activities.  Interestingly, he was very excited to receive us and enjoyed the meal we ate together and sure did like to talk to everyone.

            After spending time in prayer and singing, I asked the group what was one of the problems that families faced now and caused some type of fear for the future.  They almost unanimously responded: finances.  So, we spent time talking about the dangers of debt and how God's Word teaches us how to handle the money He has entrusted us.  Quite a few of them seemed surprised that the Bible spoke so directly and correctly about the smartest way to manage finances. 

    Please pray for these two congregations and their evangelists.  Both of the evangelists are thinking about going into politics.  It is a dangerous game to play, spiritually, and I talked with them both about the possible pit falls.  They already knew.  I also suggested a support and accountability group for them in their Christian lives. 

Please pray that God may guide their steps to the path that will bring the greatest glory to His Kingdom.

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