Tuesday, June 5, 2012


    With so many Brazilian young people showing an interest in AIM and due to the language, cultural, and financial obstacles, Raniere Menezes envisioned an AIM-like program for Brazil. It is called AME (imperative form of the verb to love) stands for Adventurers in Evangelistic Missions. Check out the site in Portuguese: www.ameprograma.org .  
    The purpose is to prepare young people willing to work in the Kingdom and connect them with congregations in South America that need help. The program is divided into two phases: 8 months of intensive classes and practical training and 18 months working on the field with a church.
    Raniere even visited the AIM institution, Lubbock, TX, gathered ideas, and discussed possible help since they have the experience of decades of encouraging youth for missions.
    We plan to start the first class of five young men on July 9th. Please pray that God will use this effort for results lasting years and years to come.

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