Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The AIM program intended to change young lives towards God and missions. But since one spends time working with like-minded godly young people, other life changing decisions can be made.
Marcos Paulo (from João Pessoa) and Valerie worked on the same team in New Zealand and are getting married. Marcus Paulo’s father, Ricardo Sobral, will do the ceremony in English.

          Erick Paddy and Jenny Merritt worked with us in João Pessoa till November 2011. They just got married this past Saturday, and hope to dedicate their lives together on the mission field.
Pray for our new AIM team for João Pessoa (Caitlin Beckloff, Beta Katkus, Beka Taylor, Neal Schultz, and Jesse Focht). They should arrive on June 13th if they can get their visas approved with the Brazilian consulate. 

[as of July 13th, they still haven't arrived]

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