Monday, May 14, 2012

Traveling, Teaching, and Training.

            A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Cajazeiras, Areial and stopped to visit in Campina Grande.  The whole trip took less than 48 hours.  Nicholas, my oldest son, traveled with me during the 14 hours in the car.
            On the way to Cajazeiras, we stopped in Pombal and visited Ezequiel and Jessica, the two Christians in the city.  From there we went on to Cajazeiras where the soccer program, The Right Step, is having a good effect for Christ. Here I taught a couples' class.  There were fifteen different couples at the meeting, thirteen Christian couples and two visiting.  That is great news!  All but two of the thirteen couples were baptized into Christ through the contact made with their sons and/or daughters in the soccer program. 
            We left early the next morning to go to Areial where we encouraged the three Christian ladies, and I spoke on the radio, as well as, worshipped with them.  We left from there, went to Campina Grande, visited with Danny and Lee Bratcher, slept at their house, got up at 4:30 a.m., traveled back in time for Nicholas to go to school.
            It was great to spend time with Nicholas, visit, teach, and encourage other Christians. 

Please pray for:
  • Nicholas, who wants to be a full-time missionary after his soccer career.
  •  Café and Leila, the couple working with the church in Cajazeiras through the soccer program - please ask God to continue to give them energy, wisdom and love for all those they are teaching and training.
  •  Sonia, Beta and Beatriz in Areial who are doing all they know how to do to evangelize their city.  Please ask God to give them wisdom, vision and courage.
  •  Please pray for Danny and Lee.  Danny had surgery and is recovering well, Lee still has some recurring health issues.
  • Please pray for me, that God may give me energy to keep going, wisdom to teach, train and see opportunities, vision to know what steps to plan and execute to better help God's Kingdom grow.

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