Monday, May 28, 2012

The Last Photo

On our last visit to Esperança, Michel and I visited Naldo's family, and even picked jabuticabas on his mother's farm. His sister Leda returned to Esperança a few years back to take care of her mother in her old age, a sweet lady, who loaded us down with produce from their little farm.

Last Tuesday, a pouring down rainy night, Michel and I were visiting one of Naldo's neighbors here in João Pessoa. Michel got a call; there had been an accident between Campina Grande and Esperança, carload of people hit head on a truckload of people, six dead, seven wounded, Leda was one of the dead.

We went down a couple of houses to Naldo's and got there just as he got the news. There is not much to say, nothing that counteracts the unreality of suddenly losing someone so close to you. We hugged him, and prayed with him, and were just there. He rushed off to Esperança in the middle of that rainy night. The family is worried about his mother - weak heart, had to be admitted to the hospital when she found out. We sent them a copy of the last photo of Leda, sitting under the tree eating jabuticaba.

Pray for comfort for this family, but pray especially that something of eternal value will come from this tragedy. Naldo has already asked us to come pray with him again. At the Chinese restaurant, many were praising the fact that we were practically with Naldo when he received the news. Michel said that it had to be more than just a coincidence." Pray that whatever God is planning will come about.

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