Monday, May 28, 2012

The Kingdom Comes

The churches in the desert region of Paraíba had their trimester PORmissões meeting.  PORmissões (Organic Missions Plan) is a three phase plan to take the Gospel to the entire state of Paraíba. 
            The first phase is to establish a congregation in each of the four major cities.  The second phase is to mature these four congregations, and the third phase is to reach out to the surrounding cities within a 90 mile radius of these four major cities. 
            Phase one is complete but still needs a little work in the last of the four cities, Campina Grande.  The mission team arrived there going on two years now.  It is still a very slow process.  Please pray that the team in this city may have wisdom, courage, and determination while taking God's message to this city.  Please pray that the hearts of the people in Campina Grande may be open to the Gospel.
            Phase two has begun in the desert region around the city of Patos.  Belem, Emas, Catingueira, Patos and Cajazeiras are working together to plant a church in another city.  Sounds a little like phase three, I know.  I have encouraged and helped them plan this church plant to also help these congregations mature as well.  To pass on this vision of evangelism, they need to believe that they can work together and establish a congregation in another city on their own.  They are in the beginning stages and are excited to see things happen.  There are two Bible studies happening in the city of Pombal, one personal and another in a group.  Please pray for those studying and their faith in God's Word.
            This step has taken the evangelists in these congregations to see the need to mature other members of their own congregations.  Not that they did not already know this, but it seems to be even clearer to them now.  Please pray that men and women will be matured in Christ and teach other men and women.  When this begins to happen then phase two will be completed successfully, and then the church can spread to other cities, minimizing the danger of new converts leaving Christ. 
            It is exciting to see God working through the lives of others, to see their excitement and their dream of another city one day having a group of people who have given their lives to Christ.  Please pray for Luciano, Santo, Givanildo, Silvan and Café and their wives. 

How awesome it is to be a part of God's mission to save the world.

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