Monday, May 28, 2012

Heavenly Hospitality

Frank and Louise Cutler from Milan, TN, lifelong supporters of our family in the mission field.
The Cutler's farm was our home away from home. When we visited Milan, we usually stayed with them. Louise would get up early make breakfast: eggs, country ham and bacon, mouthwatering corn bread with honey culled from the bees right there on their property. Our rambunctious kids never fazed them, as they banged melodies on the piano or just making a mess. Yes, when I think of the Cutlers, I think of cozy hospitality.

I called Louise about a month ago and couldn't believe how happy and energetic she sounded - same as ever, even in the face of terminal leukemia. I can't call her now, but I know with thankful certainty that she is just as happy or more, energetic, alive, excited about her new home. I thank God for His great hospitality in welcoming her - I'm glad she is feeling now how she would make us feel at her home.

The Cutlers gave us a lot of good memories. Here's what David has to say: "Some pretty exciting things happened at the Cutler's. It was in their back yard that I rode my first go-cart (homemade), took my first plane ride (not homemade) and Adriana built her first snowman. When we were kids we would refer to Louise as Granny Cutler. That is exactly what she has been to us all these years. We are so grateful to God for letting us be a part of her life."

For a while we all miss Louise, especially Frank, please remember him in your prayers.

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