Monday, April 9, 2012

Prayers Requested

  • Irene’s daughter, Michele, had a motorcycle accident. She broke her arm and leg, and cut her face. She had a double surgery and is recuperating at home, bedridden for SIX MONTHS. She is stir crazy and about to drive her mother crazy too.
  • I took Roberto to his doctor. He is a faithful church worker at Colinas do Sul. He takes medicine for schizophrenia, a condition that limits him, but his new medicine made him shake, as if he had Parkinson’s syndrome, so that he couldn’t even pick up a cup. Pray for relief and his life, and ability to continue evangelizing the lost.
  • The Colinas do Sul congregation started in Naldo’s house. Naldo has opened up a bakery. This startup is wearing him out: long hours making bread, swamped in debts, fighting cut-throat competition. Pray for Naldo, his family, his spiritual life, his business, and the congregation that meets in his house.
  • Marcos, new convert from Colinas do Sul, has had his life turned upside down because of a painful skin condition: acute dermatitis or psoriasis. He lost his job because of it. Pray for him, his family, his spiritual life and for a new job to support his family.
  • Frank and Louise Cutler, Milan, TN, are long time supporters of our mission work. Louise was diagnosed with acute leukemia. The doctors gave her a month to live, but her life is guaranteed by Christ forever. Please pray for Frank and Louise.
  • Marcos Paulo, Ricardo Sobral’s son, got married. He left João Pessoa to go through the AIM program, and worked for a year and half in New Zealand. On his team was a young lady; they fell in love and got married this month.
  • We thank God for Jeremy Newlin’s family. His parents, his sister, his nephews, and niece came to visit Brazil and were blessed with a safe trip. Steve is the chairman of the mission committee at Joelton church of Christ. Darlene handles our newsletters and bank business.
  • Mark and Carolyn Hagewood arrived to continue their work in the Paraiba, especially strengthening church leadership in the interior and supervising the Right Step soccer project.
  • Several from Paraiba are traveling to São Paulo for the ENOC, a annual national church worker conference. May Santo, Elias, Roberto, Francinaldo, Raniere Vieira, Raniere Menezes, and Luciano come back uplifted from this week long event.
  • Jordan, Zezito’s son, wants to be baptized. He lives in Alagoinha.
  • Pray for Adeilton and Ana Paula. Their 16 year old daughter ran off pregnant to live with her boyfriend. May God guard their faith as they exercise tough love.

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