Monday, April 9, 2012

If Christ Can Clean This Filthy Soul...

          We are not used to public confession of sins. It makes us uncomfortable. It takes that which is naturally hidden and exposes it for all to see. When Izau gave his life to Christ and was baptized, we rejoiced and squirmed at the same.

          Izau is Rosa’s husband and a cook at the Chinese restaurant where we have the midnight Bible study on Thursdays. Like 90% of the workers, he is from the small interior city of Esperança, but he has a bad reputation there. Michel, before Izau’s baptism, gave a summary of his life before Christ that seemed to go on forever: the prostitution, the parties, the violence, the drunken binges. We looked over at Izau and he was nodding his head in serene agreement. Michel concluded, “When you go into Esperança, there is a billboard. I want to put a huge picture of Izau with these words: ‘If Christ can clean this filthy soul, then he can clean you!’”
          Praise God for Izau and Rosa. May God bless this Christian couple and use them to bring others to Christ through their transformation.

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