Monday, April 9, 2012

The Heart of Man

            There is a place in the heart of man that can only be touched by God.  If man does not let God near this place, man will never be changed.  Fabiano is a man who travelled and served the pastor and members of his denomination.  Fabiano is an alcoholic, and he was winning the battle but fell, weak to his vice.  After going on a drinking binge, his services and travelling were no longer needed by the denomination of which he was a part.  He was left alone. 

            Antônio Germano has been visiting Fabiano for some time, long before the above story took place.  Antônio had been telling Fabiano that he needed to follow the truth.  Fabiano would listen and even agree that some of the things the denomination does are not in accordance with the God's Word, but he would not change. 

            Antônio and I went to visit Fabiano this past Sunday.  He is sad and ashamed by his behavior, but most importantly, he seems repentant.  I don't want to be naïve: I know that only time will tell if his love for the Lord will overcome his love for alcohol.  I am excited, though, to see his desire to honor Christ with his life.

            He also said during our visit that he wants to begin meeting with the church in Alagoinha and learning more from God's Word. 

Please pray for:
  •  God to move into Fabiano's heart so that he will have the strength to recover from alcohol and sin;
  • God to give wisdom to Antônio Germano and Zezito, these two men are working with the church in Alagoinha;
  • God to increase the faith of the members in the church in Alagoinha;
  • God to give me wisdom and patience to work with the church in Alagoinha;
  • God to raise up more men to work with the church in Alagoinha.

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