Monday, April 2, 2012


Change is a fact of life. In the past six months we have felt that in
João Pessoa, brothers and sisters moving to other cities.

- Our AIM team of 6 young people, Michael Miller, Erick Paddy, Jenny
Merritt, Ashton Woods, Tiffany Dominguez, and Nyasha Alufayi, completed
their mission here and returned to the US. Boy, do we miss them.

- Lidiane moved to Ireland to work.

- Aninha moved to Natal because her husband was transferred there.

- Celia moved to Brasilia because her husband's job was transferred there.

- Hunter, Lori, Mathias, Sabrina, and Daniel Hagewood have moved to
Recife, since the company set up an office there.

- Fabio and Regiane moved to Campinas, São Paulo, also related to the company.

- Joe and Linda McKinney's time in Brazil has ended and they moved back to
the US.

We miss them all, and some seem irreplaceable in the work, but God
is in control and has a mission for each one in their new homes. Please
pray for our brothers and sisters around the world.

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