Monday, April 9, 2012

Encourage or Be Encouraged, How About Both!

I travel to Patos at least once every three months to meet with the evangelists of the congregations in the region to talk, pray and plan evangelism for their area.  I also go to teach Bible courses to these same evangelists and the congregation of Patos.  There were 8 people who attended the class on the book of Hebrews, my favorite book of the Bible, right now.

I go to pass on knowledge that I have gained by studying the Bible.  The evangelists come to learn from me but I am greatly encouraged by their dedication to God and his service.  Three of the five evangelists in the region work self-employed part-time jobs and as the preacher, Bible study giver and planner and executor for their congregation's evangelistic efforts.  They all work hard and often and they do it all out of their love for God and His Kingdom.

Please pray for:
·       Santo – Belém do Brejo do Cruz
·       Luciano – Patos
·       Givanildo – Emas
·       Silvan – Catingueira
·       Café - Cajazeiras

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