Monday, February 6, 2012

Who Can You Invite to Study the Bible?

     When my son Samuel decided for Christ, one of the first things I asked him was, "Who can we invite to study the Bible?" He answered Emerson, Michel's (from the Chinese restaurant) nephew. For the past several months we have studied weekly with him and his neighbor the same age. The study went on and on until Emerson asked me, "When does this study end?" You see, he was getting anxious to be baptized, and that question was the cue to wrap it up. Yesterday, he said he was ready. His uncle Michel baptized him at the beginning of the Sunday meeting before he and Michele (Emerson's mother) had to rush to work. Emerson's mother, uncle, and grandmother are now Christians, his decision being possibly a step closer for his father, Edson. Samuel and I will continue studying with Emerson, and the first thing we will ask him is, "Who can you invite to study the Bible?

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