Monday, February 6, 2012

Please Give Us Wisdom!

            My family traveled to Cubati, a city about 3 hours away.  We went to visit Afonso and Vânia and encourage the church in this small town of about 6,000.  The day we arrived the city was without water and about 15 minutes after we left the water problem was over.  We stayed 3 nights and 3 days and were able to take 2 showers so it wasn't that bad. 
            We visited some people with whom Afonso and Vânia maintain contact, I gave two or three Bible studies, visited one of the members of the Church who has stopped meeting with the Church.  (One member is dearly missed no matter how many members attend at that particular congregation, this congregation only has four.)  At one of the Bible studies I gave there were 8-10 visitors.  They all really liked the fact that they could ask questions and get Biblical answers.  One of the visitors told Vânia that the pastor at the denomination she attends does not let her ask any questions during their Bible study.  She was having serious family problems and has not talked to her sister in around 3 years.  After hearing the lesson on Jesus giving us rest and how we rest by doing His will and not our own.  She decided to try and initiate a conversation with her sister and work toward asking for forgiveness. 
    Please pray:
  •   That God may give Afonso and Vânia wisdom to discern God's will in the situations they face in that small town with many big problems.
  •  That God may give Afonso and Vânia courage and boldness to tell others about the good news of God's Kingdom with love.
  •  That Edivânia, the lady at the Bible study, will follow God's will and forgive her sister and that her sister will forgive her as well.

    On a side note:  The pictures of me are drinking milk that came straight from the cow without any pasteurization.  It was not as thick as I expected and it was sweeter than expected.  Notice that I had a glass of water close by before trying it.

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