Monday, February 6, 2012

The Greatest Sweetness Is In The Truth

            Monica is studying the Bible with an older lady named Leonidia.  She is a sweetheart, Leonidia, although Monica is too.  Monica came home excited this past Saturday after their study.  Leonidia asked about the role of women, so Monica shared some verses and explained them.  Later, Leonidia's daughter came in; she wants to be a pastor.  Leonidia, took the scriptures she had studied with Monica and read and explained them to her daughter.  Her daughter replied, yeah, that is right.  That is what it says, in a tone of humbled acknowledgement.
            How wonderful it is to teach others the truth of God's Word and see them pass that truth on to others.  It is even more wonderful to see that same person live the truths they learn.

        Please pray:
  • That Leonidia will continue to learn and put into practice in her own life God's wonderful truth.
  • That Monica can continue to have the love and patience she has to study God's word with others.

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