Monday, November 28, 2011


            I received a call from Antônio Germano, a Christian who lives in Alagoinha.  He told me that there were three women who wanted to be baptized and that they were waiting for me to come and baptize them.  What great news!!!  I had met all of them before but I did not study the Bible with any of them.  


     I traveled the two hours to get to the city of 13,000 residents.  I sat down with the ladies and asked them some questions to see if they understood what they were doing, why they were being baptized and if they realized what it would mean for the rest of their lives.  After a couple of hours of conversing,  I received the privilege of watching God work a miracle of re-birth in three lives. 


      If you would like to say something to your new sisters in Christ, you can e-mail me your message and I will translate it for them.


Please pray that Maria, Antônia da Paz and Graça, as well as the church in Alagoinha may:

  • ·       Grow in faith, hope and Love
  • ·       Trust God to lead them in all areas of their lives
  • ·       Be living letters of God's message of salvation to their families and friends.

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