Monday, October 31, 2011

Youth Group

by Diego

(Extracted from Diego dos Anjos' newsletter. If you would like to receive his newsletter, please email him at: )

    We went to a youth camp last month in the city of Santa Cruz do Capibaribe. We took about 15 young people from Joao Pessoa and drove 4 hours to get there and met others youth groups from different cities. The theme for this camp was “Seeking the Kingdom of God”. The speakers really encouraged us to aim as a priority in our lives to seek God and His Kingdom. Raniere, one of the speakers, did an amazing job helping us think about this phrase: We are just able to seek God and His kingdom if we decide to have a daily relationship with God. What have you done about that? How is your relationship with our Father? Share your stories and let’s seek His kingdom together!

     I have enjoyed the past weeks of our youth Sunday Bible class. We have studied about “The dangers and consequences of the sin”. We went through the first chapter of Genesis, understanding the difference between Adam and Eve’s relationship with God before and after they had sinned. After they did what God had told them to not do… they hid from God, they feared God, and they blamed each other. That’s pretty much what happens when we sin, right? The question now is: since we all have sinned and are far apart from God’s glory… what should we do now to get back and have a relationship with God? Could you reply back with some Bible passages for me to share with the youth group.
     Next month the youth group will organize our ANNUAL YOUTH RETREAT. About 100 men and women of God coming from different cities around our town will get together on 11, 12 and 13th of November. The theme for this retreat will be “Myth Busters”! We are excited to discuss some controversial phrases that are taught by society to us like: “God doesn’t want anyone to suffer in this life”; “Going just to Sunday worships I guarantee my eternal salvation”; “I need to wear masks in order be accepted in society”. I am really excited about this upcoming event… please… be praying for us and these days we will have worshiping God and learning His will for our lives. 

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