Monday, September 26, 2011

A Worthwhile Mess

        Bible Bowl 2012 was a mess: miscommunication with my volunteer question makers so I received two sets of questions for Luke 19, Luke 21, none for Luke 18 nor 22 and one person sent questions for Matthew 9 - wrong book; the nightmare of finding rides to Recife for 4 teams of 4 kids since most people traveled this past weekend; and a couple of kids dropping out at last minute leaving teams incomplete. All this left me feeling drained and disorganized.
         But it was all worth it: to learn how to do things better next year, but especially to benefit the kids spiritually this year. Our fifteen competitors came away excited about studying and knowing God's word.
Yury's last minute cramming

Two teams won first and third place in the 1st Division (6-12 year olds)

Nicholas Newlin won third place individual score (83/100 questions) in 1st Division.

Samuel McKinney won first place individual score (88/100 questions) in 2nd Division (competing against 13-25 year olds - he's 11).

Teaching kids to love the Bible - yes, worth it all!

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