Monday, September 12, 2011

Battles of the Feminine Soul

    This past August 16 ladies, 13 from João Pessoa plus 3 from interior Paraiba cities, embarked  on a four day trip to learn about our "Battles of the Feminine Soul". Leaving our families, work or our daily tasks is a battle in itself, but we wanted to experience this journey to enrich our spiritual lives and be ready to face our troubles and strives ahead of us. We left early, taking a 12 hour bus trip, 2 dozen ladies from Recife tagged along and we reached our destination safely around 8 P.M. on a Thursday night.
     The XXI Women's Seminar was held in Aracaju for the first time, and all 177 ladies that attended this year were very excited about the lectures, workshops and fellowship, that was to take place there. The hostesses did a wonderful job with our facility arrangements, we were able to enjoy a beautiful retreat site surrounded by nature, with simplicity and comfort. The atmosphere was relaxing, the food was delicious, but the most enjoyable part were brought by several speakers, two of our own,  that delivered wonderful messages of encouragement, addressing very relatable issues we face in our daily lives, juggling with our marriage, young or teenage  children, housework, jobs, church services, elderly parents, relatives or friends in trouble, grief, emotions, hormones, aging, persecution, faith and so on. We know we are on the winning side, but how wonderful it is to be reminded and to have the opportunity to share, and to hear from our fellow "sisters in arms."  It was heartwarming. We came back renewed and reassured that all our battles belong to the Lord, and we are fully committed to resist till the end serving in His army.

Monica Newlin

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