Monday, September 5, 2011

Go Diego Go!

Teddies for Honduras
The João Pessoa congregation got together and made 100 teddy bears for an orphanage in Honduras. 
Here is an excerpt from Diego dos Anjos's newletter, telling about his trip to Honduras. If you would like to receive Diego's newsletters, write him at


TORCH MISSIONS            
Since I got back from AIM I had the desire to remain involved with missions. It could be here, working with the local church, but I also wanted to do some ministry overseas. One big dream that I had was to be involved in some kind of Medical Missions. Even that I am not a doctor yet, I wanted to start learning about medical missions for future plans.
            Then I heard about this group called Torch Missions that goes to Central America every year to ministry there. They do not just medical missions but lots and lots of other ministries as well. In my last newsletter I asked you to be praying for me as I was getting prepared to be a part of their Mission Trip in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. As you know, God always answers our prayers. It can be with a “NO”, a “YES”, a “NOT RIGHT NOW” and a “THIS OTHER THING IS BETTER FOR YOU NOW”. The thing is He always answers. This time, our lifted up prayers came with a YES answer and I want to share with you some of the things I got to do during my ten days in Honduras.


            During 2 days we spent time welcoming people to a medical clinic. We got to see over 300 patients. We talked to them about their health difficulties, gave some counseling about some diseases they could prevent and also giving medicine out. Since I am not a doctor yet, most of the time I was giving out medicine and explaining how they should be used. Also I got to assist a few patients under the supervision of a doctor, translating everything from Spanish to English.
            We also visited a few hospitals and a special need hospital in Tegucigalpa. It was a tough experience to see so many little kids, youth, adults and elders suffering with a various numbers of diseases like Paraplegia, Cancers, Diabetes, kidney problems, burnings and more. It was sad to see some many pain, sadness, tears but in the other hand, we got to deliver some joy and love coming from the Lord to those people. In one of the hospitals we dressed up like clowns and went room by room visiting the patients and giving out little toys for the children. The kids loved it and I could see some hope in the eyes of their parents. We know that God will keep watching them and taking care of every single one.

Another day we went to a blind school and spent the afternoon there playing with the kids. We gave out toys, candies and sang with them. I had fun that afternoon and got to play soccer with them. Yes, blind little boys play soccer. In fact, for some reason I felt like they played better than me. So neat to see the control they had with the boy and how happy they were when they scored a goal. It made me think to myself and reflect on different situations that happen in my life and how often I get sad, angry and complain with so many little things. That day I saw little kids that weren’t able to see at all. How hard would that be? How cranky would I be? But there they were, kicking a ball around and overcoming the difficulties. Oh well, what can I say of this blessed opportunity God allowed me to have? Like I said, I really wanted to make a part of a medical missions and working along with Torch Missions in this ministry really impacted my heart. I thank God for this opened door and I ask you to be praying that He keep firing me up for in the near future I be able to became a doctor and serve Him with my career. Now, I would like to hear from you. How can you serve Him and His kingdom with your occupation, in your job? Let’s think about this together and be ready to serve anywhere and anytime.

In a country with a high number of homicide, family violence, sexual abuse and a machismo mindset how would you expect young girls to be treated? Some of them maybe never met their fathers, other possibly live around violent man who try to proof they are strong using aggressive words everyday towards their relatives and children; also lots of these little young may not ever heard the phrases “You are special” or “You are important”.             There were so many pain and suffering in the eyes of those children. “Daughters of the king” was a ministry we did in Honduras to show to these little girls that they are important to our Lord and to our society because they are DAUGHTERS OF THE KING. We went to a neighborhood called Mololoa and invited all the girls to gather together in this big hall. There, we washed their feet, we washed their hair, painted their fingernails and toenails, and they received a brand new dress and put make up on. They deserved it! So cute to see their smiles and their joyful faces. But above all, I guess the big impact at their lives was to see old men, young men, little men and big men under their knees washing their feet. Like I said, in a country full of the machismo mindset, where the men believe they are superior over women, who should submit to them in every circumstance…..
            How cool is that to see a man taking care of them and literally serving them. It was a great experience and I want to bring that idea to Brazil cause, unfortunately our society here is surrounded by the same “macho-man” concept.

We also got to visit an orphanage in a little neighborhood called Didasko. We visited with the kids, treated their health problems, painted the bathrooms of the building, had a 3 days VBS with them and re-painted their playground. They were so adorable and after a couple of days we got really close with some of them. In the last day of the week we took them to the city and fed them lunch at KFC, and then we took them to the mission house we were staying and watched a movie. They have about 40 kids there and I could see how happy they were. The church in João Pessoa had made 100 teddy-bear pillows that I took with me to Honduras. I gave them out at the orphanage, hospitals, special need school, blind school. I think the church there did a great job and the effort they made was for sure a great impact in so many lives. That’s awesome!

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