Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Plans Don’t Always Work Out But God Knows Best

I left for Cajazeiras thinking I was going to teach the church on the role of men and women.  I did begin the subject but Café thought it better to wait for another time when more members of the church could be present. 
            What I ended up doing was giving Bible studies to different groups of boys from the Right Step soccer program and one family.  Their 16 year old daughter and 13 year old son were the only two who were not Christians in this five member family.  The week after I left the son, Igor, was baptized.  Also, in one of the Bible studies with the boys from the soccer program, Jean, another 13 year old, who listened intently and purposefully to God's Word seems to be close to giving his life to Christ.  Doesn't God always know best? 
            Please pray for Rosa, Chico and Claudia's daughter.  She is now the only one in the family who is not a Christian.  I think the odds are against Satan in this family.  This could be the first family in Cajazeiras in which every member is a Christian.

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