Monday, September 5, 2011

AIM's Purpose Fulfilled

      The Adventures in Missions program's purpose is to give young people a taste of what it means to be a missionary. It's all about bringing people to Jesus, and our AIM team have been here one year and are doing just that.
      This past week Lidiane was baptized. She was one of the first Bible Clubbers, studying the Bible in English when our first AIM team (Sabrina, Melissa, and Janae) came  in 2005. We lost contact with her, but this AIM team met her, became good friends, and they studied the Bible with her. She realized that she needed to be baptized.

      Dani was also baptized last week. The process of her conversion, from the first contact, the Bible Club meetings, to the studying the Bible two-on-one, to the baptizing were all done by Erick and Jenny. Dani has worked lined up in New Jersey and will move there in a month. Please say a prayer for these new Christians.

      We praise God that these young people are learning ways of being useful to the Lord's Kingdom.
      Speaking of AIM, another young person from João Pessoa has entered the program. Beatriz sent her application, was accepted and is now in Lubbock taking the AIM Bible courses. She is the fourth from João Pessoa to go on this adventure.

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