Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Weeks of VBS!

          You might think that one week of 60 screaming, starving for attention kids is more than enough for the year, but no, here is João Pessoa we doubled the fun, doing a repeat of VBS back to back: four more days with the Mangabeira congregation. inviting the children who go to the school where the church meets.
          VBS is indeed a lot of fun, but a lot of work, the kids, though, who love it and who start getting a taste for God’s word for the first time make it worth it. Acting out the story of Joseph in Eygpt, teaching how God cares for us and blesses us, resurrecting King TUT (Jeremy Newlin) and the Mummy in skits that teaching these truths, are all part of creating an experience that boys and girls will remember for years.
          Lori Hagewood did an excellent job organizing this ministry, and we thank the Joelton church of Christ for the VBS material, which was used twice in João Pessoa and will now make the rounds to other cities.

          Two weeks of VBS may make some lose their sanity, I only lost my hair. We gave a challenge to the children that if they brought 250 kilos of food for our benevolence program, I would become a “real” Egyptian with an ancient Egyptian hair-do. They barely made it and I got my head shaved – little losses, big gains. May the seeds we planted today become the church of tomorrow. 

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