Monday, August 1, 2011

How Do You Work With Many Congregations To Evangelize An Entire State?

            P (Plan) OR (Organic) missões (missions) or Organic Missions Plan is the guideline that the churches in Paraíba are using to take the Gospel to the entire state of Paraíba. 

Some of the evangelists from congregations in Paraíba met over the weekend during the Great Supper but because time is short at such events, we set the date for a next meeting.  We plan to name and strategize the outreach of new cities and or the building up of smaller congregations.  Far too often we tend to see the limitations:  few men who are spiritually mature and few financial resources to help those who are proven to go live in these cities.  The challenges are not few but with each one our faith and trust in God grow.  This mission to save the world is God's; we are privileged to work in His field.  

Each congregation's representative will bring names of cities in Paraíba and explain why they chose them.  From there we will begin planning on how to reach one or two of these with God's Word. 

I am coordinating the congregations in the interior part of the state first.  Please pray that they may learn to work as one.  Our first meeting this year was pretty rough but they do want to work together and they do see the need to evangelize.  Thank God for that.
    We plan to meet every three months and discuss what has been done towards reaching these cities.  We do know that this is God's mission and we are His instruments, we are but workers throwing out the seed in all directions and seeing where the ground needs to be cleared.  Please pray for God to give the increase. 
    Please pray for God's direction and wisdom in reaching cities throughout the state.

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