Monday, August 1, 2011

The Great Supper

            The Great Supper is a yearly coming together of all the congregations in Paraíba.  Over 200 people participated in this 16th Great Supper, hosted by the João Pessoa church, 140 sleeping two nights at the church building, reflecting on the theme "Words that Edify".  Almost every member of the church in João Pessoa was involved in the preparation and service.  It was edifying to serve and encouraging, to see the joy on everyone's face.  Some said that they did not know if heaven had come down to earth or if we had ascended.  Although that is a gross exaggeration it was a great weekend with a time to talk, a time to learn, a time to serve and a time to edify.

            Everyone has gone home and began the work week.  Please pray that everyone will teach others what they saw and heard when the church spent time as one.  If the joy and love we felt was this great over a weekend in an imperfect world, just imagine what heaven will be like.  Let's not give up!  Keep on fighting until death!

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