Monday, August 1, 2011

The Battle of the Feminine Soul

This month seventeen ladies from Paraiba will take a 10 hour bus trip south to Aracaju for the Women's Seminar. In 2009 and 2010, I was invited to compose official songs for their encounters. This year, though not invited, I offered my contribution. We made a little video with Sabrina Hagewood as the warrior. You can watch it above.

The translation of the song:

I am a warrior of the day to day,
Fighting against the world and its lies.
The battle is for my soul
And I am the one who decides who wins.

The victory is won,
            Conquered on the cross for me.
            Jesus paid his life, he did it!
            Just hold his hand and fight.

The enemy comes, I will resist
Even if he draws my blood
My hope is guaranteed
In Christ I live the Life.

Our fight is not against people
But against the principalities and powers
They will do everything to defeat us.
Nobody will take me from the hand of God.

2nd Chorus verse:
    I will be strong in the Lord
    And in his mighty power (Eph 6:10)
    He sacrificed himself, I sacrifice myself
    Anything to be with Jesus
    In my life Jesus will win.   

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