Monday, June 13, 2011

Valentine's Day In June

Valentine's Day In June
            My family traveled this weekend to Caruaru, a city 1 hour ½ outside of Recife, Pernambuco, the state below Paraíba, where we live.  The purpose of our trip was to teach a couples meeting on Saturday, June 11.  Here in Brazil, June 12, is comparable to St. Valentine's Day although it is called Sweetheart's day.  I gave the topic of our lesson to Paulo, the evangelist with the church in Caruaru, a couple of weeks before we traveled.  I had forgotten it would be the Sweetheart's day couples meeting.  The topic of our lesson was "Complaining".  Not a very romantic topic for such a special day.  Once I remembered the occasion I decided to go ahead with the theme since complaining is what throws cold water on most of romances anyway.  It went well and everyone seemed to relate to the topic being discussed.  It's a pity they could relate so well.  
            There were 20 couples present at the meeting, some singles, maybe looking for advice and some whose better half could not be there.  11 couples were visitors.  It is always fun to teach and talk about relationships with couples.  There are a lot of practical things in which we all need to be encouraged.

May God bless you in your relationships, married or not, they are all around you.  

Thank you for your prayers. 

Happy Brazilian Valentine's Day to you all!

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