Monday, June 6, 2011

The Second Generation, Part I

A true test of one's Christian influence is the effect it has on one's own family. We are excited to announce that a crop of second generation Christians are being harvested for Christ, children baptized as a result of the instruction and example of their parents.

Rivaldo and Leila Café had this pleasure on May 4th when their third daughter, Rebeca, gave her life to Jesus. She is eleven and already teaches the children's Sunday school class. She is taking the Sermon on the Mount and Principles of Christian Faith courses with the church and is using what she is learning in her class.

Also in Cajazeiras, Niltinho and Do Carmo's son, Mateus, age fourteen, followed in their footsteps, and, after having a personal Bible study for five months, was baptized. He is in the Right Step program, but his parents, different from other parents whose children are in the program, came to Christ first.

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